30 things to do at Halloween before you're 3


Stuck for fun simple ideas to do with your wee one? We’ve created a list for you to download. We’ll even have a different list each month. From building a secret den to pretending to be a super hero you and your wee one will have loads of ideas for things to do together.

  1. Help Mum or Dad make Pizza mummies

  2. Help mum or dad carve/draw a face on a pumpkin or turnip
  3. Get messy and make some spooky green gloop
  4. Give mum or dad a scare and shout boo!
  5. Dance around the room with Mum and Dad

  6. Make a scary skeleton snack!
  7. Dook for apples (or grapes for little ones) with help from mum and dad
  8. Get busy in the kitchen – help mum and dad make some spooky pasta
  9. Transform yourself into a Halloween cat – ask mum or dad to use make up or face paint to draw whiskers and a nose on your face
  10. Make your own witches brew!
  11. Visit the library and read a scary story
  12. Listen to spooky songs together 

  13. Read some spooky books with Dad

  14. Help mum and dad make some yummy boo-nanas
  15. Have a Halloween dance party

  16. Go for an autumn walk and collect leaves to make leafy ghosts
  17. Play the pass the movement dance game

  18. Use a ‘witches broomstick’ to play limbo

  19. Play sleepy monsters – dance like a monster but pretend to sleep when the music stops
  20. Do the actions to Incy Wincy Spider
  21. Make shadow shapes with a light or torch
  22. Make a handprint spider and footprint ghost
  23. Get busy and make a scary mask
  24. Play stick the nose on the pumpkin or turnip
  25. Make a witch or wizard hat
  26. Play traffic light beanbag toss

  27. Make and play spooky skittles
  28. Use cotton wool to make spider’s webs
  29. Make mini pumpkins by drawing faces on satsumas
  30. Wrap yourself in toilet roll to become a scary mummy

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