When you're busy running about after everyone else it's easy to forget one important thing ...to look after yourself!

Even the simplest of things like grabbing a quick shower can become a mammoth task when you've got lively little ones to see to. Try to make time to eat something healthy – then you’ll have more energy for running around after them. Getting out into the fresh air is great for you and the kids. How about a brisk walk to the shop? Or a kickabout in the local park? With any luck, your tot will be tired out for bedtime, leaving you with some me-time to phone a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, or to read a book – whatever you fancy. The key is to try and find some time to unwind and relax so you have the energy to do it all over again.

If you're finding it difficult to unwind, though, you might need some extra help. Everyone feels stressed from time to time but knowing how to deal with it can make a big difference to you and your wee one. For more information visit the Steps for Stress website.