cryingAll babies cry. How else can they tell you they need something? The problem is it's been a long time since you spoke babies' gaa-gaa language, so it's hard to know what they're trying to tell you. They could be hungry, thirsty, bored, too hot, too cold, or in pain. Maybe the wee one's just asking for a cuddle. Still crying? Don't despair! Sing softly to your wee one; maybe take them outside for a breath of fresh air. Sounds silly, but sometimes even the gentle whirr of a washing machine or tumble dryer can soothe a tired tot.

It’s good to try and get a break from time to time, so try and get a partner or family and friends to give you some time off. If it all gets too much, it'll do you both good to lay the little one down in their pram or cot and spend five minutes together in a quiet place.

Take a deep breath and don't worry - we were all cry-babies once upon a time!