weaningAt around six months you can start feeding your baby solids. Finding out what tastes your little one likes and dislikes will be an adventure for both of you. Have the camera on hand to capture their little face as they taste some cooked and mashed apple for the first time... Doesn’t like it? They’ll soon let you know! How about some baby rice or mashed vegetables? Lots of babies have a soft spot for sweet potato.

Start off with one meal a day in addition to your baby’s usual milk feeds. Then move gradually to three meals a day just like mum and dad, this new experience is one for you both to enjoy. Along with the thrills, there'll be spills. It’s part of the fun! Here's a handy tip: put a bin bag under the highchair to catch the stray drips and drops – we're not born with table manners! Even though they may be causing a mess, this is them attempting to play, trying to explore textures and colours of food.