laid_backA laid-back child may prefer to play alone or in smaller groups. They might seem ‘easygoing’ and prefer not to get too involved in their playmate’s games. If another tot takes away their toy, they’ll rarely kick up a fuss: instead they'll coolly walk away and find something else to do. That’s great! Your lovely mellow tot is a very caring, thoughtful child, and deserves lots of praise.

It’s been proven that tots who are given lots of praise and attention from their parents grow up to be happier people, so don’t hold back. When they do have a strong feeling, though, you can help them to understand their emotions and communicate them. ‘Understanding Feelings in the Talk section tells you how to chat to your child about how they’re feeling today. As well as giving them a head start with words, reading can help your child learn about emotions too. There’ll be plenty of books in your local library about feelings, which will help your toddler understand that everybody has them.