single_parentBeing a single parent to your bright-eyed bundle of energy can be tough, and harder still if money is tight. But, as the saying goes, the best things in life are free! How about making a tasty picnic together and heading to the local park? Or going to a museum or art gallery? They can really spark your child’s imagination and you might learn something new yourself. Try talking to your child about what you see and pointing out new and exciting things.

Children learn to talk by being talked to – it’s proven that children with chatty parents know more words at 20 months than children who don’t hear as much talk at home. When you’re all talked out, though, it’s OK to let your child play on their own for a while. They’ll learn to entertain themselves, and you can get a kick out of watching them! They’ll feel secure knowing that you’re close by, and you could put your feet up and have a well-deserved rest.