mums_to_beYou’re pregnant. Congratulations!

You might feel a bit all over the place at the moment – one minute you’re over the moon, the next minute you get the jitters. Don’t despair, loads of mums feel the same - it’s just part of being pregnant! With all these changes going on in your body it’s only natural to wonder what’s going to happen next.

Now there’s two of you, you also might be thinking about how to stay healthy and keep your energy levels up. Although sitting on the sofa with a sticky bun is tempting, eating well and keeping active can help you feel even better. Something as simple as getting off the bus a stop early can work wonders, and you can always put your feet up when you get home!

As well as looking after yourself, you can help your baby get a great start in life too, even before they’re born. As your baby (and you!) grow bigger, and you feel the first exciting kicks, you’ll probably find yourself touching your bump and may even catch yourself talking to it. Amazingly, your baby can hear and recognise your voice even in the womb, so feel free to entertain your wee audience with a bit of chat, reading aloud or singing along to your favourite song! That way, when you finally meet your baby, you’ll be ready to Play Talk Read from day one!

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