When your baby starts to crawl or shuffle around on their bottom, it’s time to get busy playing! It’s also a good idea to start baby proofing your home. Stairgates can help keep your baby from exploring anything too risky, and it’s a good idea to keep plug sockets covered so that curious fingers don’t get a chance to explore them. Once you’re nice and safe, though, you’re free to have fun!

Now they’re more mobile, try a simple game of hide and seek by popping behind the sofa and waiting for them to come after you when you call. Your wee one loves surprises at this stage, because they’re just starting to realise that things can still be there even when they can’t see them – so hiding behind a cushion can be a real eye-opener! Another good crawling game is to put loads of pillows and cushions on the floor to make an ‘obstacle course’, then get your baby to crawl towards you. Your little adventurer will have loads of fun tackling all those big mountains, and if they slip, they’re sure to get a soft landing!