It doesn’t take long for ‘ga-ga’ to turn into ‘Mama’ or ‘Dada’! At this exciting stage, the more you talk, the more words your child will learn.

Looking at picture books can help your baby to recognise and name simple objects around the house like ‘shoes’ or ‘teddy’, and mealtimes can be a great time to spot things – spoons and cups and bananas and custard – the list is endless! Singing rhyming songs can help your child to match a word to an object too: try singing ‘One two buckle my shoe’ when you’re putting shoes on, or ‘Wheels On The Bus’ when you’re sitting in a traffic jam. Even quiet times can be a good time to talk. When you’re snuggling up at the end of the day, you could try the Name Game, naming different parts of the face and asking things like ‘where’s mummy’s nose?’

Talking lots to your baby now will give them a great start in life, and they’ll soon reward you by coming out with lots of new words, probably when you least expect it!